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Working with youth, for youth

Driving progress for gender equality in and through education

Youth: An unstoppable force for change

All across the world, young people are stepping up to drive progress for gender equality in and through education. Never has the need been greater for their leadership to be recognised, nurtured and supported. In every aspect of our work, UNGEI is doing just that by partnering with youth-led networks to learn from, grow with and move forward together. We know an intergenerational approach is key to shaping a gender equal future through education. With the expertise, energy and leadership of youth we can be an unstoppable force for change.

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Partnering with youth activists and youth-led networks

Our partnership with young people is embedded in every aspect of UNGEI’s work. Along with our community of over 400 activists representing youth-led networks from all corners of the world, we are working collaboratively to build the movement for gender equality in and through education. Together we are fostering the meaningful participation of young people through knowledge sharing, capacity building, joint advocacy and more - shifting power dynamics and holding space for youth leadership in our mission for gender equality in and through education.

Principles of youth leadership

To ensure that youth are equal partners in all processes of our work, UNGEI is guided by three core principles of youth leadership.

We believe young people should be empowered to advocate on their own behalf. They should be the first to be consulted and supported.

Respect for the voices, experiences and knowledge of young people is at the heart of our partnership with youth activists, networks and organizations.

We acknowledge and appreciate that young people are carrying out work in their communities. Their participation must therefore be supported and resourced. Youth-led networks are an essential part of our governance structure.

Transform Education

A youth-powered mission for gender equality

Launched on International Youth Day, Transform Education is a youth-led mission to accelerate action for gender equality in and through education. Watch the video and join our movement! Together we can make real and lasting change by transforming education to drive progress for gender equality.

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