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Feminist Network for Gender Transformative Education

Feminist Network for Gender Transformative Education is a convening of powerful feminist voices working together to accelerate progress towards gender transformative education around the world.

This annual event brings together civil society organisations, international and national NGOs, young feminist activists, academics, government representatives and multilateral partnerships and funds to inspire, elevate and advance gender equality in and through education. 

The theme for 2023 was: Building Just and Equal Societies: the Power of Gender Transformative Education


A Global Gathering

In 2023, the Network brought together 120+ representatives from 50+ countries to meet in Istanbul for a dynamic two-day event. Led by developing country expertise, civil society organizations and young feminist experts constituted the majority of participants. The gathering was intentionally intergenerational, with sponsored places available to ensure that those with the most limited means were able to participate. Every session on the agenda was led by a civil society organization or a young feminist expert working at the forefront of gender equality and education.  


Our vision is that all learners, regardless of gender or sex, are supported with gender-transformative education to realize their full potential and contribute to achieving equal, just societies including by removing barriers to girls' and women's rights. 

You can read more about our 2023 gathering, our results and objectives here.


The 2023 convening saw 120 powerful activists, experts, civil society organizations, governments, donors and multilaterals come together in Istanbul to discuss, debate and accelerate gender equality in and through education.

Representatives from over 50 countries were selected to attend, bringing lived experience and on-the-ground expertise from around the world.

The FemNet4GTE gathering in Istanbul was an exceptional experience, instilling a profound sense of ownership as we collectively reached agreements on the concept, outcomes, and the path forward.

Feminist Network Member, 2023

Who is part of the Network

Attendees for Feminist Network for Gender Transformative Education 2023 were selected by a Planning Group convened by UNGEI.

Attendees were chosen on the basis of their:

  • Commitment to gender-transformative education, girls education programming and/or have expertise in gender equality in education, feminism and education rights and access 
  • Geographic location, with priority given to organisations and individuals based in and/or delivering programming, research or support in low and middle income countries
  • Lived experience in the issues around feminism and gender equality
  • Commitment to UNGEI’s core values of equality, inclusion, non-discrimination, anti-racism, mutual accountability, decolonisation of development and feminism

Young feminist activists (aged 18-30), national or grassroots CSOs with lived experience of the impact of gender inequality in education and individuals and organisations working at the intersectionality of gender and inclusivity, in particular around disability and education and LGBTQI+ rights have been prioritised.

Financial support was made available for a number of selected CSOs and individual activists to attend the in-person event. 

What does 2024 look like for the Network?

Shared Priorities: 

  • Development of a Feminist Declaration on Gender-Transformative Education to influence the United Nations Summit of the Future, September 2024, ensuring gender equality in and through education is at the heart of the next set of international goals following the Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Launch of a joint advocacy strategy to meaningfully push governments, funders and educators to prioritize gender equality in and through education 
  • Launch of the glossary for gender-transformative education

Gender Transformative Education E-Learning Course

At FemNet4GTE we launched a new online course to help participants learn how to design and implement gender-transformative programs and initiatives. The course, developed in partnership with Plan International and Transform Education, is a direct response to requests from staff and partners to improve their own knowledge about gender-transformative programming.


FemNet4GTE Resource Hub