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The UNGEI partnership

Harnessing the power of partnership for girls’ education and gender equality

The UNGEI Partnership comprises over 30 multilateral, non-governmental and civil society organizations as well as government departments, academic institutions and youth-led networks. All members are united by a shared commitment to advancing gender equality in and through education through collective action.

The UNGEI Partnership

We are grateful to all our partners - members, supporters and allies - for their ongoing collaboration in our work to advance gender equality in and through education.

Together we are:

By connecting, coordinating and mobilizing partners across the world, we’re facilitating the sharing of knowledge, ideas and resources to drive progress for gender equality in and through education.

Through global summits, regional workshops, digital platforms and more, we’re partnering with activists, educators and ally organizations to promote proven approaches to advancing girls’ education and gender equality.

By commissioning research and developing resources we’re working to strengthen the evidence base on what works to accelerate progress towards gender equality in and through education.

Through intergenerational collaboration in every aspect of our work we hold space for young activists as equal partners and leaders in the movement for gender equality in and through education.

By building networks and mobilizing advocacy, resources and expertise, we’re supporting governments to strengthen the gender-responsiveness of education systems.
As co-host of the Global Working Group to End School-Related Gender-Based Violence, we’re coordinating a broad coalition dedicated to eradicating gender-based in schools and creating safe and gender sensitive learning environments.
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