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The UNGEI approach

Leveraging the power of partnership

Striving together for gender equality in and through education

UNGEI is a global partnership hosted by UNICEF, united by a shared commitment to advancing gender equality in and through education. We provide a platform for coordinated advocacy and collective action in order to break down barriers to education, close the gender gap and unlock its transformative power for all girls, everywhere. For more than two decades we have been championing gender-responsive education systems, policies and practices - speaking out as one and holding the international community to account.

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How we work

The power of partnership

We believe in collective action to make change happen. Our strength lies in our partnership. By working together to influence global policy, promote evidence-based solutions and the sharing of good practice, we harness the unique strengths of our partners to drive progress for gender equality in and through education.

UNGEI: East Asia and the Pacific


A global partnership dedicated to advancing gender equality in and through education

Visit the East Asia Pacific Regional UN Girls’ Education Initiative (EAP UNGEI) page to find out how the network is promoting the right to education and gender equality for all.

What we stand for

All of our work as a partnership is guided by four core values:

All UNGEI partners commit to practicing and promoting gender equality and the empowerment of girls and young women.

UNGEI partners agree to develop and promote a shared agenda, to fully realize our collaborative advantage and to share information with transparency.

UNGEI partners agree to be accountable for commitments made, acknowledge and address uneven power dynamics and ensure all have an equal voice.

UNGEI partners are committed to the principle that decision-making must include those most affected, and actions are most effective when there is local ownership and accountability.

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