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Unlocking the gender transformative power of education

We are a global partnership dedicated to advancing gender equality in and through education

Putting gender equality at the heart of education

Through evidence building, coordinated advocacy and collective action the UNGEI partnership works to close the gender gap in education and unlock its transformative power so that every girl can go to school, learn and succeed.

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Why do we need gender equality in education?

The path to gender equality runs through education. When girls get the education they need, there is a ripple effect that benefits everyone. For every additional year of secondary education a girl receives she will:


Earn up to 19% more and invest 90% of this back into her family


Reduce infant mortality rates by up to 10%


Improve her country’s resilience to climate disasters by 3.2 points

Around the world, 132 million girls are out of school and millions more are in school but not learning. We’re on a mission to change that.

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The Freetown manifesto for gender transformative leadership in education

Welcome to the Freetown Manifesto for Gender-Transformative Leadership in Education! This Manifesto was developed in Freetown, Sierra Leone on 18-20 May, 2022.

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Feminist Civil Society and Young Feminist Activist Education Coalition

Calling feminist civil society and young feminist activists! The UNGEI partnership is convening a trailblazing coalition of 21 national and grassroots, feminist CSOs and young activists working to advance gender equality in and through education! This coalition is fired by our belief that your voices, knowledge and experience are critical to global decisions on funding and policy.

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A core resource package on gender in education in emergencies

When gender-responsive, quality education is available to all it has the potential to transform societies and build sustainable peace. A joint initiative from the Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE), Education Cannot Wait (ECW) and the UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI), the EiE-GenKit is a core resource package for gender in education in emergencies. The EiE-GenKit is the first resource of its kind, providing education practitioners with practical tools to promote gender-responsive programming  from crisis to peace and sustainable development. The EiE-GenKit is based on extensive research and consultation with the latest resources, evidence, new tools and good practice available in one easy-to-use package. The EiE-GenKit builds on existing humanitarian processes for a streamlined approach to gender-responsive EiE. The EiE-GenKit offers tools for practical and immediate use including checklists, tipsheets and assessment templates supporting practitioners to ensure that  each phase of an EiE intervention is gender-responsive. Bridging the gap between what we know about gender-responsive EiE and the tools we need to make it happen, the EiE-GenKit aims to promote improved gender and education outcomes of learners living in crises.

Also available in: Arabic

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