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Unlocking the gender transformative power of education

We are a global partnership dedicated to advancing gender equality in and through education

Putting gender equality at the heart of education

Through evidence building, coordinated advocacy and collective action the UNGEI partnership works to close the gender gap in education and unlock its transformative power so that every girl can go to school, learn and succeed.

Around the world, 132 million girls are out of school and millions more are in school but not learning. We’re on a mission to change that.

Latest from UNGEI


Learning Brief: Ending Gender Stereotypes

This is the first ever global learning brief on addressing gender stereotypes through schools in developing countries, launched at the Women Deliver 2023 Conference. The brief contains emerging evidence from programmes and research from 10 cases from 11 countries that address gender stereotypes through schools. All aim to shift knowledge and attitudes about gender stereotypes among students, teachers and parents through curricula. 


Feminist Network for Gender Transformative Education

The Feminist Network for Gender Transformative Education will bring together 120 powerful organisations, activists and experts working on gender equality in and through education in November 2023.


The Freetown manifesto for gender transformative leadership in education

Welcome to the Freetown Manifesto for Gender-Transformative Leadership in Education! This Manifesto was developed in Freetown, Sierra Leone on 18-20 May, 2022.

Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is a digital library showcasing comprehensive learning content on gender in education. Dedicated to advancing gender equality in education, our platform serves organisations and individuals. 

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