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Resistance and Resilience

Financing Youth and Student Education Agendas

Sat, 24 Jul, 2021 - Sat, 24 Jul, 2021
05:01-06:01 EDT
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Global Campaign for Education, UNGEI, ASPBAE, Transform Education (young feminist coalition hosted by UNGEI), Global Student Forum, NGEI, ESU, SAIH, GSF, MELAC, ACEA, NCE Nepal.

Students and Youth lead some of the most progressive movements worldwide, fighting for quality education, fairer societies, and human rights. Youth involvement is key to a sustainable world, and youth voices must be included as co-architects of the future. The criminalisation, side-lining, and dismissing of youth & student organising is an issue that we have seen across our regional contexts. Now is the time to celebrate, honour and amplify the power and place of youth & student activism in achieving gender-transformative, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable education futures.

This event is a space for showcasing, celebrating, and learning from the work done by youth & student activists locally, regionally, and internationally. Youth and students are constantly taking on initiatives that showcase resilience and resistance within their contexts. Youth & students have the power and are leading on pioneering. This event is used to amplify these approaches, lessons, and strategies employed by youth & students who are leading the resistance and building resilience in their contexts.


Shradha Koirala, NCE Nepal

Takudzwa Ngadziore, ZINASU

Andres Ramos, CLADE

Jona Claire, She Decides

Carmen Romero, GSF

Heba Maki, ACEA

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