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Gender-based violence? Not my school

Youth speak out

Together we can break the silence

Every child should feel safe in and around school. But the daily reality of school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV) means that for millions of learners around the world school is anything but a safe space. For children and young people to get the education they need we must speak out against (SRGBV). Through the Not My School Campaign young people are doing just that - breaking the silence and taking action to make schools safe spaces.

Together we can end gender-based violence in schools

Not My School

A global youth call to action to eliminate SRGBV

Young people are already doing so much to tackle SRGBV. NOW is the time for them to be heard. Through the Not My School Campaign young people have come together to create a Global Youth Call To Action for governments, organizations, educators and fellow youth.

Learn more about SRGBV and how you can help end it

YOUth can lead the change

Young people are raising their voices to demand safe schools for themselves and their peers around the world. In the lead up to International Youth Day, youth activists came together to exchange ideas, information and inspiration to help end SRGBV. Watch them in action and join the Not My School Campaign.

Take action

What is the single most important thing your country can do to make schools safe spaces for youth?


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