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Youth activists are calling on you to take action against SRGBV

Natasha Harris-Harb Lead, Youth Movements and Feminist Leadership & Gloria Diamond Policy Advocacy & Evidence Lead
  • 19 Oct 2018
  • 6 min

Rewind to International Youth Day when youth activists across the world came together to break the silence around school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV). With the launch of the #NotMySchool Campaign, a movement to end SRGBV for all youth was put in motion. Sharing their life experiences, top advocacy tips, and advice on creating safe spaces in schools, we witnessed the power and courage of youth to lead change.

The conversation must continue, and so we (youth activists) collaborated on a Global Call To Action, by youth for youth, in order to hold all actors accountable. From fellow youth, to educators, to world leaders, we demand real and lasting change.


What is the #NotMySchool Call To Action?

A Call To Action (CTA) is a tool designed to generate action. This could be simple, like “Click here”, or more involved, like a call to start a campaign in your school to end bullying. The choice of words, design, and desired outcomes are all key to producing the results wanted.

For this reason, we asked youth activists across the world to contribute to this very special Call To Action in the next phase of the #NotMySchool Campaign. Together, they created a document appealing to governments, educators, fellow youth and the global community to adopt the measures they believe to be most effective in their quest to end SRGBV.

This Call To Action is part of a wider youth-led movement, not only to eliminate social and gender norms at the root of SRGBV, but to be recognised as partners in global decision-making and policy-making processes.

You can read and sign the #NotMySchool Global Youth Call to Action here.
You can read and sign the #NotMySchool Global Youth Call to Action here.

It is essential that we don’t just stop talking about SRGBV now. The fight has just begun. We have a vital perspective to add as those who suffer from SRGBV and those who will fight to make sure it stops. If each of us ensure that when it comes to SRGBV, it’s #NotMySchool, we can make schools much safer for girls and boys across the world.

Mohamed Sidibay, Global Partnership for Education Youth Advocate, Sierra Leone


Change can happen — with your help

This CTA is not just words on paper, it represents the voices of global youth. With your help, we can bring this document to life, and create real and lasting change.

  • Help make this happen by sharing the Call To Action across your social media channels, with your school, your teachers, your peers, and your local representatives.
  • This Call To Action could be a template for you to write your own CTA based on the specific challenges young people are facing in and around your school, in your community.
  • If you are a keen writer, you could become a UNGEI #YouthLeads blogger and share your thoughts on how to tackle SRGBV! Find out more here.
  • Don’t worry if you missed the #NotMySchool Campaign, you can listen, watch and read about it here. This is an ongoing campaign, so, if you’re keen, come aboard by writing your own blog, producing your own video and recording your own voice. We’re all in this together.
  • Stay in the loop — join the movement for all the latest updates around the #NotMySchool campaign.