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In solidarity with girls

Putting gender at the forefront of the COVID-19 education response

Especially in times of crisis, gender equality must not be sidelined

Youth are not only the beneficiaries of transforming education, they are essential partners. They are the transformers. From Australia to Zimbabwe, youth-led networks and organisations are mobilising and working together to transform education to help every child get a quality education, no matter who she, he or they are. They have demands that must be heard. They are leading the change. Will you join the mission?



Intergenerational dialogue series: Gender and education in crisis

School closures due to COVID-19 are impacting young people’s lives around the world. We also know that the pandemic is making gender inequalities worse. We are supporting youth to influence and meaningfully participate in the education response to COVID-19 through a series of intergenerational dialogues on gender and education in crisis.

In Solidarity With Girls: Blog series

UNGEI is collaborating with partners and allies to launch the ‘In Solidarity with Girls’ blog post series. This series will highlight the voices of young advocates, raise attention to the gendered impacts of this crisis and provide a space to reflect on how we, as a global community, can put gender at the heart of the COVID-19 education response and recovery.


Stand in solidarity with all girls everywhere

We stand together with girls worldwide. During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, join us to advocate for every girl’s right to a quality education and a more equal future for all.

Stand with us in ensuring that this generation of learners returns to school at the time of reopening.
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Planning for safe school reopening is an opportunity to reduce barriers preventing girls’ return to school by:

  • removing bans on re-entry for pregnant girls & young mothers
  • providing school meals 
  • improving MHM facilities

Let’s stand #InSolidarityWithGirls & change the status quo

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Stand in solidarity with girls everywhere

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In Solidarity With Girls

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