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End School-Related Gender-Based Violence

A whole school approach

16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence in Schools

Gender-based violence in schools impacts the whole school community, which is why we need a whole school approach to end it. This 16 Days of Activism campaign champions eight actions that must be taken in order to root out school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV). We can transform education to end SRGBV if we each play our part in helping to identify, prevent and take action against it.


SRGBV - the impact

Globally, minimum estimates indicate that over 115 million children and adolescents experience SRGBV in the form of physical, psychological and/or sexual violence every year with devastating consequences. It affects their ability to get to school, to learn effectively while there, and to remain in school long enough to reap the benefits. Failing to address SRGBV means failing children and future generations.

Together we can #EndSRGBV

SRGBV is a global crisis destroying the lives of millions of children and young people. A global crisis requires a global response, which is why we’re calling on everyone to take action. Learn more about the issues and advocate with us for a whole school approach to end SRGBV.


For too long, school-related gender-based violence has been a taboo subject. Help break the silence by using your voice to raise awareness, call it out and advocate for a whole school approach to end it.

Join the campaign to #EndSRGBV

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The first step to taking action to end SRGBV is to understand what it is, how it impacts learners and how we can all take action against it. Explore the resources to learn about what a whole school approach to preventing and responding to SRGBV entails.


Ending SRGBV

A series of thematic briefs

This new series of thematic briefs provides evidence and examples of best practice for tackling SRGBV. The six briefs synthesize key learnings from two regional workshops which brought together policy makers, practitioners and academics from across the world to exchange experiences and findings on what works to prevent SRGBV.

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