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Sexual Harassment in Educational Settings

Tue, 13 Dec, 2022 - Tue, 13 Dec, 2022
09:00-10:00 EDT
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Everyone has the right to an education free from experiences and/or fear of harassment and other forms of violence. However, for far too many women and girls, school is another place where they face risks to violence including sexual harassment, be it from their peers, their teachers, or other personnel. Sexual harassment and other forms of violence against girls and
young women in educational settings is a global problem. It is estimated that 246 million children experience gender-based violence in or around schools every year. Perpetrators of sexual harassment against students include teachers, peers and other school personnel.

This session will bring together young feminists, government authorities, and speakers from education, and other sectors to discuss how to prevent and respond to sexual harassment in educational settings. Some main questions that will be addressed include:


  • What mechanisms are in place to address sexual harassment in different educational settings?
  • What are some approaches which can be adapted to ensure safe educational spaces online?
  • How are schools addressing sexual violence in educational settings?
  • What are some recommendations to address sexual harassment in the context of educational settings?
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