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School clubs: students searching for answers to gender challenges

School clubs: students searching for answers to gender challenges

During meetings of the Bubazi and Aspeka clubs in Rwandan schools, girls and boys exchange opinions about traditional gender roles and reproductive rights. Members of the club are offered a platform for self-development through a mini-enterprise that introduces them to saving systems, problem solving, entrepreneurship and leadership. Through collaboration they learn to share ideas, trust each other and how to be confident, which is beneficial for their self-esteem. Watch the videos and meet Mujawayezu Madalina (teacher), Bijyiyobyenda Ildephonse (parent representative), Uwera Naomi and other members of the Bubazi Saving Club (Rwanda). In the second video, you discover how Uwineza Gentille, president of the Aspeka club, together with other members and under the supervision of Bahizi Vedaste, their teacher, start a mini enterprise.  

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