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Transforming Education in Crisis

Beyond Barriers

Education is the key to liberation. It should not be barred in crisis or emergencies.

Transforming Education in Crisis - Beyond the Barriers is a project led by Transform Education, funded and supported by the Secondary Education Working Group. It aims to raise awareness on the needs and priorities of adolescents, as identified by adolescents themselves with a particular focus on secondary education. This project brings these issues to the attention of state actors and stakeholders to mobilize their support through girl led consultations and participatory solution making.

Girl-Led Activities







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Feminist activists across the globe are working assiduously to champion education demands and to advocate for a future that prioritises financing for girls’ education in crisis. We consulted with 94 girls, from four countries (Kenya, Palestine, Sierra Leone and Trinidad and Tobago), through 8 consultations.

Girls Take Lead

Young people are experts of their own realities. It is only through listening that we are able to learn of their experiences, allowing us all to work together to devise solutions that are inclusive and equitable.

We visited 4 territories that have been impacted by crisis to conduct girl-led consultations.

Girls' Education in Crisis

With each passing year, the likelihood of young people in a crisis-affected context progressing to the next academic grade drops sharply.

Learn what young feminists are doing to advance gender equality through education.

Learning and Blooming Beyond Barriers

Saidah (he/him) is a Queer Caribbean womanist writer. He is also a performer, organiser and activist who advocates especially for Trans* youth. Saidah is committed to centering youth voices and incorporating decolonial and intersectional values in his work towards liberation.

About the Poem: The poem tells the story of girls in emergencies with strength similar to flowers. They use this to tackle challenges around receiving education.


Take action with us!

Through this social media and advocacy toolkit, we invite you to stand in solidarity with us to amplify the experiences of young girls across the globe as we continue to work towards gender equality through gender transformative education.

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