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Learning and Blooming Beyond Barriers

  • 25 Jan 2022
  • 3 min

flowers, girls
grow gracefully
grounded by
good soil, community

crises make warriors out of young women

war, famine, disease, disasters strike like
waking up troops
uprooting us
to be replanted
in places we do not know

typhoon, tornado
breezes try to bury bouquets
and boughs

but we are done letting them break
in the midst of
great chaos
where girls cannot complete their education
where governments redirect resources to crisis aversion
from education
where psychological trauma abounds and psychosocial support is
nowhere to be found
where girls who want nothing more than to
just to feel like they are worth something
don’t have the opportunity

consider the need to
incorporate lenses of
so every girl
every young parent
every disabled person
everyone who cannot afford
every human being
regardless of anything that may make them seem
can continue learning
even in crisis

the real emergency is
how many people do not get the opportunity to complete their education

grace gives gifts to fertilize
every new thing learnt is a drop of water breaking barren barriers of
earth, glass ceiling
anything that keeps a seedling from blooming
a girl from 
her best self
from flying

flowers’ fruit hold seeds which grow new plants
educated girls become educated women who educate the next generation

decolonize, daughters
teach them defiance
teach them,
“education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

what we teach
how we teach it
learning is not linear nor static
education is not one size fits all

is the only thing constant
and inevitable
so let it be for the better

Illustration of people writing in a garden.