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The Transform Education Newsletter

November 2021

03 Dec 2021

We’ve missed you, Education Transformers!

How are you? We know it has been a long couple of weeks and a lot has happened. We are thrilled to bring you this round-up of joy, transformation and learning that we’ve encountered.

Young Feminist Listening hosted by the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) and Transform Education

On Thursday 17th November, young feminists from all over the world gathered to share the priorities of their networks, methods of how they are coping during this time and ways in which UNGEI can support and amplify their efforts. In this session, Antara Ganguli, director of UNGEI, listened in so that future plans for the coalition can be beneficial and transformative, reflective of what young feminists need.

To wrap up, Sapphire, founder of Caribbean Feminist from Trinidad and Tobago, hosted a powerful gratitude session inviting participants to share what they were grateful for on Jamboard!

Here’s a snapshot:

Key Takeaways

  • Young feminist activists must be adequately supported with resources such as funding, workshops and technical documents to help improve their advocacy.
  • There is a greater need to transform education so that people become comfortable in their indigenous knowledge and practices.
  • There is no right way to be a feminist. Feminism is home-grown and cannot look the same way across different contexts but there are key principles.
  • Being an advocate requires you to have a support system to hold you up when you can no longer hold yourself.

TE #COP26!

In November, climate activists, world leaders and decision makers convened at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. Climate Activists from the Transform Education Coalition, Renata, Nnenna, Davis and Vanessa were in attendance, highlighting the importance of gender transformative education and meaningful youth participation in global climate negotiations.

Photographed: Renata Koch Alvarenga and Nnenna Onwuka

Photographed: Vanessa Natake

Key Takeaways from #COP26

Friday 12th November marked the final day of #COP26. 

The Glasgow #ClimatePact is now in place which means that countries who were present and have agreed, must meet and deliver on the commitments made at #COP26. Whilst gender-transformative education was not listed as a key goal nor priority. We hope that world leaders find ways to integrate gender-transformative education into their plans to achieve #ClimateJustice. #EducationShiftsPower and we must act now for a safer future.


Standing in Solidarity for #16Days

2021 marked 30 years since the inception of the global campaign, “16 Days of Activism against gender based violence” (November 25th - Decemeber 10th). This campaign is commemorated by thousands of organisations who are committed to justice and ending violence against women and girls. Activists use this campaign as an opportunity to highlight gender inequalities, increase awareness and advocacy efforts towards promoting a safer future for women and girls.

To mark 16 Days of Activism, the Global Working Group to End School-Related Gender- Based Violence (co-hosted by UNGEI and UNESCO) launched their campaign: The Power of Collective Impact, Solidarity and Healing: Ending School-Related Gender-Based Violence. 

How you can join:

Solidarity Circles 

Young feminists around the world are voicing their experience, ideas and actions to make learning environments safe for all. Members of Transform Education will be hosting Solidarity Circles around the world - an informal gathering, organised by grassroots activists that brings young people across identities and backgrounds. The purpose of a solidarity circle is to facilitate sharing, collective care and action for a safe learning environment. While writing this, there have already been two circles! The first was in Trinidad hosted by Education Transformers Feminitt Caribbean and Caribbean Feminist and the second was in Malawi hosted by WONA Collective

Join us and host one of your own! Download the Facilitators Guide

Take the time to learn

On 9th December, we are hosting an online conversation on Tools and solutions for education systems to prevent school-related gender-based violence. Speakers will include USAID, VVOB, Education International, UNICEF and Transform Education. Register for the webinar

Join the discussion 

You are invited to amplify the key messages of the campaign on social media. We worked with feminist artists Evelyn Kandin Geler to create posters for you to download, GIFs, & social media assets. Please do spread widely!


Funding Opportunities: 

Co-Impact – a philanthropic collaborative for systems change - has an open call for the first round of grants from their new Fund – theGender Fund. This Fund aims to raise and deploy $1 billion USD over the next decade to support predominantly women-led organizations and movements across the Global South with large, unrestricted, long-term, and flexible funding. Find out more

The Youth Challenge Fund supports the innovation, creativity, and energy of young activist groups working in their communities in West and Central Africa. The Fund will provide up to 5,000 EUR to around 50 unregistered and registered groups, collectives and/or organisations led by girls or young feminists working towards gender equality in their communities. Find out more


Feminist Activists and Organisations you should be following:



Now is a good time to return to your favorite piece of feminist literature. If you haven’t read it yet, dive into Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde.

Remember in all that you do, self care!

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” - Audre Lorde

In solidarity,


Art by @sonaskha

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