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Spending better for gender equality in education

New research report and policy note

25 Mar 2021

Launching today - new research determining how to make every cent of education funding work for girls. The research is published through a joint partnership with Malala Fund and the UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI). 

In 2021, we look back on a year in which almost every country in the world rushed to close schools to control the pandemic, and economies were brought to near-standstill. Increased pressure on education budgets as a result of this unprecedented crisis seems inevitable. It is in this context that a new research report and advocacy brief, Spending Better for Gender Equality in Education, are launched. Now more than ever, it is imperative to ensure that the scarce resources available for education are well-spent.  

Let's make every cent of education funding count for girls.

The report indicates that spending better for girls’ education requires a conscious focus on leveraging domestic financing towards gender equality in education and basing decisions on strong cost-effectiveness evidence. Based on a desk review and two case studies, the research highlights two promising, yet underutilized tools to allocate resources equitably, effectively and efficiently for girls’ education: gender-responsive public expenditure management (GRPEM) and cost-effective analysis (CEA)

The Spending Better for Gender Equality in Education research report and policy note provide important recommendations for the different actors, governments, civil society and development partners supporting better financing for gender equality in education. 

We hope the champions working to advance gender equality in education find the tools and principles in these documents useful, while we call for all actors to keep their focus on gender equality in education to truly build back equal following this crisis. 

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