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Hopes, Dreams, and Gender-Transformative Action for 2023!

The Transform Education Newsletter- February 2023

03 Mar 2023


Our dearest, Education Transformers,

A beautiful and feminist happy new year to you! As we enter into a new quarter in a few weeks, we aim to use the lessons of 2022 to take us forward. We hope we can continue leading in feminist solidarity to achieve sustainable and gender-transformative futures! 

This month, we are meditating on the words of Akwaeke Emezi in their book ‘Dear Senthuran’: We ask ourselves, “What is the hack, the strategy to make it happen? What words do you chant into the space between spaces, to bend your desires into reality?”

In our recently concluded writing workshop, Education Transformer and Co-Lead of the STEM/Digital Divide Working Group led us to think, “what if we let our mind free?” We invite you to dream, reflect and make magic with us!

What have we been up to?

Education Cannot Wait (ECW) High-Level Financing Conference 2023 (HLFC 2023)

Education Cannot Wait, the UN global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises, was established to support the education of those children. In February 2023, hosted in collaboration with governments of Colombia, Germany, Niger, Norway, South Sudan, and Switzerland, HLFC 2023 aimed to position the educational needs of the 222 million children and adolescents left behind in crises high on the international agenda. Leaders also pledged financial contributions in support of Education Cannot Wait, raising 826 million USD!


Transform Education (TE) through the support of ECW, was able to have seven (7) representatives, five (5) of which were delegates, Falastin, Hawa, Farrah, Pashtana, and Rita. 

TE Delegates spoke across a total of seven (7) events highlighting the need for dedicated financing of young feminist-led organisations and interventions, and secondary education for all as well as developing and implementing gender-transformative education in emergencies.


CommuniTE Call and Check In

Our CommuniTE is growing in the most meaningful way. This month we welcomed 6 new members and have appointed and renewed the Co-Leads for our working groups! CommuniTE Calls are always filled with reflections and feminist solidarity. We are constantly reminded of the power of teamwork and showing up as our most authentic selves. We know that in order to create inclusive spaces, we must create safe spaces. 

We asked Education Transformers what feminist magic means to them during our grounding session.

Here are some memorable things we heard during our call:

Magic is realizing that everything we need is within ourselves and that we were created with all we needed, we just need to unleash that potential! -Yasmina, Co-Lead, Gender Norms and Ending Gender Stereotypes in Education

Feminist magic is real when girls and genderqueer people realize that they have the power to create change in this field [STEM]! - Isabel, Co-Lead, STEM/Digital Divide in Education Working Group

Feminist magic is the passion that brings a group of strangers from across oceans together to build a better world ❤️ - Chuying, Member, Transform Education


Announcing Our Co-Leads we are so pleased to welcome our Co-Leads for each working group for 2023!

We’re thrilled to welcome 10 Education Transformers who will be offering their expertise and guidance to champion gender-transformative education in our key thematic areas. 

  • Yasmina Benslimane- Co-Lead Gender, Norms and Ending Gender Stereotypes in Education
  • Isabel Liu- Co-Lead, STEM/Digital Divide in Education
  • Karimot Odebode- Co-Lead, Feminist Leadership in Education
  • Armel Sly-Vania Azihar- Co-Lead, STEM/Digital Divide in Education
  • Celine Jaggernauth- Co-Lead Gender, Norms and Ending Gender Stereotypes in Education
  • Abel Koka- Co-Lead, Girls’ Education in Emergencies
  • Christine Samwaroo- Co-Lead, Climate Justice and Climate Education
  • Farrah Munawar- Co-Lead, School-Related Gender-Based Violence
  • Hawa Abdiaziz- Co-Lead, Girls’ Education in Emergencies
  • Alejandra Ramos Gomez- Co-Lead Feminist Leadership in Education


Upcoming Events

UNESCO Fireside Chat for International Women’s Day

Women and Girls: Innovation and Higher Education

The Fireside Chat is a space that aims to include as diverse a group as possible, creating a more intimate and casual setting so every participant feels invited, safe, and comfortable to share their experiences.

Women and girls are invited to join as “storytellers”, sharing their story on “innovation and higher education” – this includes but is not limited to:

1) Innovative paths in getting access to their higher education.

2) Innovative learning practices to get through their education.

3) Innovative learning practices that enhanced their experiences as learners both inside and outside the classroom.

4) Studying and working to design new technology and broader forms of innovation.

For more information on the event, click here!


Commission on the Status of Women 67th Session

TE members are getting ready to take CSW67 by storm! We will have a small and mighty group in all their feminist glory for the week of events at the UN Headquarters, New York City!

To mark International Women’s Day, UNGEI, Chalk Back, Transform Education, Elige Red, and UN Women are organizing a Chalk Back on the grounds of the United Nations. We will create an open forum and gather activists, partners, and allies to chalk stories on the UN grounds. With a focus on the 2023 theme for IWD: “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”, the event will harness community and drive awareness on the importance of integrating a gender perspective in technology and innovation as crucial to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. 

It will position messages about the importance of commemorating this day and show solidarity with girls, women, and marginalized genders around the world who face patriarchal violence. 

If you are at CSW, join us! This will take place on the UN Patio, 46th Entrance.


Submit your stories!

To celebrate International Women's Day 2023, we want to highlight how girls and women are leading the way in innovative learning all over the world. To you, what is an innovative practice in education? If you have a meaningful experience of pedagogical innovation to share, we would love to know about it! Please send us your story through



Queer African Youth Network: Where do our resources come from? -  This study aims to assess how technical and financial partners influence the LBTQ agenda in Francophone West Africa and the Cameroon region and vice versa. It also highlights the challenges and growing needs of the movement.

United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative: Preventing School-Related Gender-Based Violence is a training course on school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV). It is intended for education practitioners at all levels of education, civil society organizations working in the field of education and GBV, teachers’ unions, development practitioners, staff of relevant multilateral organizations, and for everyone who would like to increase their knowledge about preventing and responding to SRGBV.

Gender Transformative Education Brief - Plan International, Transform Education, UNGEI, and UNICEF Education are calling for a critical reset in education. In this short brief, we explain how to “do” gender-transformative education: what it means, why it’s important, and how to make it happen. 

AMAZE: Comprehensive Sexuality Education Toolkit - AMAZE envisions a world that recognizes child and adolescent sexual development as natural and healthy, a world in which young people everywhere are supported and affirmed and the adults in their lives communicate openly and honestly with them about puberty, reproduction, relationships, sex, and sexuality. This toolkit is a series of videos geared toward providing medically accurate and age-appropriate Sex Ed for all adolescents as determined by Parents, Teachers, and Medical Professionals.

Book Recommendations

Last to Eat, Last to Learn: My Life in Afghanistan Fighting to Educate Women by Pashtana Durrani and Tamara Bralo: From growing up in a refugee camp to becoming an Amnesty International Global Youth Ambassador and Malala Fund Education Champion who's ruthlessly targeted by the Taliban, Pashtana Durrani shares the deeply inspiring true story of her unyielding fight to provide educational materials to the disappearing girls of rural Afghanistan. (via Goodreads)

What if we removed the word impossible from the feminist futures we wanted? Imagine the magic we could create. Wishing you love, rest, and joy for 2023.

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