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Calling all Education Transformers!

The Transform Education newsletter - February 2022

28 Feb 2022

Hey there, Education Transformers and Friends,

Wherever you are, we are sending love, hugs and heaps of care and softness. So far, this year has been inspiring and filled with growing pains and we are super happy to grow with you and to be inspired by your work, commitment to change and ideas.

Calling all Education Transformers! 

We are so happy to invite you to our first gathering call taking place on Thursday 24th February, 10 A.M (Atlantic Standard Time) and Friday 25th February at 10 A.M (Phillippine Standard Time). We created two options to best accommodate you as we aim to ensure better inclusion when we schedule events. This call aims to network, celebrate you and to brainstorm for the year ahead with you at the centre.

Are you under 30 years old,  a young feminist activist or belong to a youth-led network and plan on joining us? Let us know here!

Feel free to share with a friend or your networks. We are keen on expanding the communiTE.

5 reasons to be an active member of Transform Education (TE)

  • TE is a young feminist coalition that allows you to learn from, network and share space with other young feminist activists, globally. TE’s membership spans several countries within each region: Sierra Leone, Malawi, Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Kenya, Palestine, Brazil and India, just to name a few.
  • TE has resources: TE’s work centers advocacy for gender equality through education. This means that TE rallies around Gender Transformative Education and provides the tools and resources to support you in doing so too! By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the Gender Transformative Education brief which we had the awesome honour to contribute to.
  • TE centers care: As young feminist activists, changing the world can be time and energy consuming but we are here to remind you and support you in taking breaks/rest and time away when needed. There is rest within the communiTE.
  • TE is leading and reimaging schooling through a feminist lens: Achieving inclusive and transformative education requires feminist leadership and advocacy and we are paving the way for the present and future.
  • TE shifts power! Made up of a fiery and committed team, TE is working toward shifting power through education and guess what, you are the perfect fit.


TE was created out of a need for a space to connect three years ago.

TE is a young feminist coalition hosted by the United Nations Girls' Education Initiative. It was created to bring young feminists together who are working toward transforming education for gender equality in feminist ways and to be able to nurture and create spaces for solidarity and knowledge sharing and creativity. TE does that through advocacy, feminist art, poetry, campaigns and creating spaces for dialogue and solidarity. 

At TE, there are feminists from around the world with different experiences and backgrounds but we're all bonded through a very strong belief of being feminists and the impact of other feminists on our lives.

Looking forward to working with you all year long!

Connect with us over on social media!

We’re on Twitter and Instagram, ready to amplify your messages and work! You can also reach us by email at

Wishing you rest, love and care for the coming months!

In solidarity,
Jona and Ashlee, Coordinators of Transform Education

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