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From dialogue to action

Young women taking the lead against COVID-19

Gloria Diamond Policy Advocacy & Evidence Lead & Natasha Harris-Harb Lead, Youth Movements and Feminist Leadership
  • 08 Sep 2020
  • 4 min

Today is the launch of the FIRST EVER policy brief series developed by girls and young womxn to be published by UNGEI! Girls can do anything - including developing policy briefs! Read on as we answer your questions about this trailblazing publication…

What’s it called? The policy brief series is called “In Solidarity With Girls: Gender and Education in Crisis”.

Who created it? This is not just any policy brief- this was created by the young womxn and girl activists who led a series of intergenerational dialogues held earlier this year. Read about the dialogues here.

In Solidarity With Girls: Gender and education in crisis


What’s the series about? The policy brief series draws on the intergenerational dialogues, which covered different issues on gender, education and COVID-19. This includes school reopening, the gender digital divide, the ‘shadow pandemic’ and youth-led activism in the time of COVID-19. The brief will be used to strategically influence the work that CSOs, governments and donors are doing to respond to the gendered impacts of COVID-19 on education. Organised around the theme of each dialogue, the publication includes:

Brief 1: Opening up better and getting girls back to school

Brief 2: Rebuilding a ‘new normal’ in education post COVID-19

Brief 3: COVID-19 and girls’ education: A tale of two futures


Resource list

The experiences and recommendations highlighted through the briefs provide a critical youth perspective and a rallying call to action, relevant to all actors working to build back equal following the COVID-19 crisis.

Why is it a big deal? This publication represents a coordinated and partnership approach to the meaningful inclusion of youth-led networks in the COVID-19 education response. It is especially important that girls and young women are consulted meaningfully in the policy dialogues and decision-making that will shape the COVID-19 education response and recovery efforts.

What can you do? Download this publication, share it widely, and join us in transforming education systems, so that we come out of COVID-19 stronger and better for adolescent girls.

Join us in celebrating the work of Zaynab, Fatu, Muzoon, Sodfa, Beatrice, Cynthia, Maryam, Nivaal, Tolani, Maryjacob, Marjina, Pooja, Faith and Pauline! May this be the beginning of a world where girls actively influence and co-lead the response and recovery to a global education system in crisis.

You can watch the recordings from their intergenerational dialogues here.

In solidarity with girls everywhere!