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Educate for equality

Putting gender equality at the heart of education

Natasha Harris-Harb
Youth Engagement Adviser, UNGEI
Natasha Harris-Harb

Natasha is UNGEI’s youth engagement adviser. She works to shift the power dynamics for youth to fully participate in all processes in achieving gender equality in and through education. She is a facilitator, mobilizer and organizer. She believes in the power of partnership.

Natasha has previously worked with organizations such as Plan International, Plan International Canada and CODE. She is a young feminist activist and works to build a global sisterhood of solidarity. She is the co-founder of @Catcallsofottawa part of the global Chalk Back movement, which fights street harassment through street art. Natasha has experience in young feminist movement building, campaigning and policy advocacy.

She holds a BA in International Development with a minor in Gender Studies at the University of Ottawa.

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Standing in solidarity

Natasha Harris-Harb Youth Engagement Adviser, UNGEI & Gloria Diamond Policy Advocacy and Gender Adviser, UNGEI
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