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Transform Education

A feminist youth-powered mission for Gender Equality

Young Feminists are Sparking Change

Advancing Gender Equality through Transforming Education

From Kakuma Refugee Camp to Indigenous communities in Colombia , we are bringing young feminist activists together to transform education. We work with feminist youth-led networks, organisations and individuals to ensure that every child, adolescent and young adult is able to receive a quality gender transformative education regardless of their physical and mental abilities, race, gender and sexual identities, religion and ethnicities. We are leading the change.

Power Shifters

Mapping the Global Youth Feminist Movement of Education Transformers

Created in 2019, Transform Education is a young feminist led coalition hosted by UNGEI. As young feminists, we are progressing gender equality in and through education in our communities. Learn more about who we are and how we work in this brief! 

Education Transformers are turning dreams into reality

No voice is too tiny, no dream is too bleak. Launched on International Youth Day, Transform Education is a feminist coalition of youth-led networks and young activists with a shared mission to accelerate progress for gender equality in education. Our work is rooted in community, collaboration, action and impact. 

Youth speak out!

Education Transformers are united by a shared mission to drive action for gender equality in and through education. To achieve this mission, our priorities are:

Gender-based violence in and around schools is a human rights violation denying millions of learners their right to safe and quality education. Violence is preventable and we can all play a part in ending it. We need to break the silence, take a stand and call it out.

Children growing up in crisis-affected contexts are being failed in education, with gender barriers pushing girls yet further behind. We need to work together to break down the barriers to education for girls in crises.

Digital literacy is essential, but too many girls have neither the access to technology nor the skills they need for the 21st century. We need a gender-transformative approach to STEM education for girls.

CSE helps young people develop the knowledge, skills and autonomy to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive lives, to enjoy healthy relationships and to protect themselves against illness, violence and unwanted pregnancy. We need to break the deadlock.

No girl should struggle to manage her period with dignity, or miss school because of it. To help marginalized girls stay in school and succeed, we’re calling for free menstrual hygiene products and reproductive health education.

When education is gender-transformative, what schools teach and how they teach it challenges gender norms and biases to promote gender equality in and beyond the classroom. It’s time to transform education for gender equality.

Taking action for gender equality in and through education

We asked Education Transformers what needs to change to achieve gender equality in education and how they’re working to make it happen. This is what they said…

Take action

What is the biggest challenge to gender equality in education in your country? How are you working to transform education for gender equality in your community?

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Education Transformers are determined to Get. Things. Done. And get them done sustainably.

Do you belong to a youth-led network? Are you working to #TransformEducation in order to drive progress for gender equality? We want to hear from YOU!

Interested in partnering with us?

For this mission to be successful we need everyone on board! We are keen to work with organizations which share a commitment to transforming education for gender equality. To partner with us please get in touch.

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Transform Education

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