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Simon Api Doung Yini Ziba
Education Specialist - Project Management
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Simon Api Doung Yini Ziba is the project manager for the Gender at the Centre Initiative with the UNGEI Secretariat.  Prior to joining UNGEI, Simon served as Stromme Foundation's Country Coordinator where he supported the development and management of grants from the Islamic Development Bank, Educate A Child, Global Affairs Canada and Norad in Burkina Faso. Previously, he worked for Stromme Foundation in Mali as a Regional Program Manager in the permanent Secretariat of the Speed School Strategy; in this position, he contributed to the process of transferring this strategy to the Ministries of Education of Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso.

Simon holds a master's degree in Cultural and Educational Policy Studies from Loyola University Chicago, another master’s degree in Project Management from Institut Africain de Professionalisation en Management of Ouagadougou and a bachelor’s degree in « lettres et Civilisations Etrangères » of the University of Ouagadougou. 

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