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Launch of the Global Objectives: 2023 Progress Report

Watch back on this webinar launching the 2023 Progress Report on the Global Objectives. The report measures progress made against two objectives on girls’ access to education and their learning.

The event unpacked the findings in the 2023 report and shed light on the urgent action that was needed to achieve the Global Objectives on Girls' Education. The report, which highlighted the challenges to achieving gender equality in and through education as well as pertinent data gaps, underscored the scale of the task ahead. Global data trends were explored, the root causes of gender inequality hindering progress were discussed, and best practices to advance gender equality in education were learned from.

The event was organised by FCDO, UN Girls' Education Initiative (UNGEI), and Cambridge Education and featured Sharon Tao, Education Director, Girls’ Education Challenge, FCDO, Antara Ganguli, Director, UNGEI, Manos Antoninis, Director, GEM Report, Pauline Rose, Professor, International Education, University of Cambridge, and Shamah Bulangis, co-chair of Transform Education.

Read the report here.

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