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About Us

Advancing gender equality in and through education

Right now, learners do not have access to gender equal, safe and inclusive education. UNGEI is working to change that.

Our mission

Harnessing the power of collective action, the UNGEI partnership is on a mission to close the gender gap in education and unlock its transformative power for every girl, everywhere. We champion the rights of girls to a quality education in a safe and gender-sensitive learning environment and hold the international community to account for commitments made to gender equality in and through education.french

An Evidence-Driven Approach

Through targeted advocacy, programming and convening, UNGEI is working to challenge and overcome five core barriers to achieving gender equality in and through education. 

UNGEI supports feminist organizations, women leaders and women’s movements to strengthen their voice and presence in key decision-making forums, while advocating for more women in leadership positions in education.

UNGEI strengthens education systems to prioritize policy implementation and funding for gender-transformative programs, addressing the varied barriers that women, girls and young people face in accessing and benefitting from safe and high-quality education.

UNGEI delivers programs, advocacy and evidence to tackle harmful gender norms and break down toxic masculinities to address the high rates of school-related gender-based violence, which continue to impact girls, LGBTIQ+ children, young people and those with disabilities.

UNGEI elevates and advocates for local and national research to shift the narrative on parity, while sharing lived experiences of underheard communities. By making the case for continued and strengthened investment in gender equality, and highlighting what barriers are not being adequately addressed on the ground, UNGEI aims to build a case for funding, investment, research and support.

Our Programmes

Applying a whole-system approach to strengthen government capacity to prioritize gender in education plans, budgets and programs. 

Programming, research and communications to raise awareness of and shift harmful gender stereotypes, attitudes and norms through education.

Capacity strengthening of feminist leaders and championing feminist approaches.

Accelerating action on gender equality in and through education through joint action, shared advocacy and convening.

Strengthening young feminist movements to influence decision making.

Developing research, advocacy and innovative strategies to develop new approaches to tackling violence in schools.

Our Principles

At the core of our endeavors, we steadfastly adhere to the following principles across all our programs, collaborations with partners, and within our secretariat.

  • To strive to be feminist
  • To strive to be anti-racist and anti-colonial by elevating BIPOC and developing country expertise, knowledge and experience
  • To strive to be intergenerational, intentionally sharing power with young feminists
  • To strive to be intersectional (including LGBTQI+, disability lenses), recognising that vulnerability and power often have overlapping  layers of discrimination and privilege
  • To have fun! Because what is the point of evolution if we cannot dance?

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Strategic Directions

Through targeted advocacy, programming and convening, UNGEI is working to challenge and overcome five core barriers to achieving gender equality in and through education. 

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