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Feminist Civil Society and Young Feminist Activist Education Coalition


We are welcoming submissions until Monday 23rd May, midnight EST.

Email your completed submission forms to 


This call for applications opens on Thursday 28th April 2022, and closes on Wednesday the 18th May 2022. During this time, we invite you to apply through this submission form. This application is for national and grassroots, feminist CSOs and young activists working to advance gender equality in and through education. 

If that’s you - read on to learn more!

Calling feminist civil society and young feminist activists! The UNGEI partnership is convening a trailblazing coalition of 21 national and grassroots, feminist CSOs and young activists working to advance gender equality in and through education! This coalition is fired by our belief that your voices, knowledge and experience are critical to global decisions on funding and policy.  

  • The Feminist Education Coalition will meaningfully work with UNGEI as partners in UNGEI’s 2023 - 2027 Strategic Planning process
  • UNGEI will fund, convene and facilitate the meaningful participation and leadership of this coalition in the UN Secretary-General’s Transforming Education Summit (TES)

This Coalition, alongside the UNGEI Global Advisory Committee members, will harness the power of collective action to make a unified impact on TES. The outcomes of this collective action will then influence UNGEI’s 2023-27 Strategic Planning, with the opportunity to establish long-term partnership and collaboration through becoming members of the UNGEI Global Advisory Committee.

Click the link below to download the application form. Please fill it out, and send it back to 

Who should consider applying?

You should consider applying to join this Feminist Education Coalition if: 

  • You are either: 
    • A national or grassroots civil society organization that has directly reached at least 5,000 children (with a focus on girls and / or progressing gender equality) in the last five years;


  • A young feminist activist aged 18 - 30 who does NOT represent a CSO but who actively does activism and advocacy work on gender equality for children; 
  • You are actively working to advance gender equality among children with direct interface with education systems at a community or national level; 
  • You are actively working in a developing country context; 
  • If you are a CSO, you can share evidence of your work in the last five years, reaching at least 5,000 children (with a focus on girls and / or progressing gender equality). Intersectional approaches and programmes, related to disability, ethnic/ racial minority, LGBTQI are especially welcome 
  • You believe in and exhibit inclusive organizing and collective action and feminist movement building
  • You are able to participate in preparatory work and be able to participate in all of the interview dates, consultations, meetings and advocacy moments virtually (approximately 10-15 meetings from May to September;)
  • You are able to travel to NYC in September (UNGEI will provide invitation letters for visa applications. Stipends will be available for travel, and for data packages if required to engage in regional consultations and meetings. Please let us know if there are translation and/or accessibility needs and we will do our best to address them); 
  • You support feminist, gender transformative education

The submission process explained


  1. The call for applications is open! From 28th April 2022, if you meet the criteria, you can apply to join this feminist coalition
  2. Submission - applications are submitted until the deadline of 18th May 2022
  3. Discussion and interaction – Conversations with applicants to ensure mutual interest, fit, availability and appetite
  4. Agreement - Selected organizations and activists and UNGEI come to an agreement on participation
  5. The Feminist Education Coalition is mobilized! First workshop will take place in June

Before applying, read this!

What do we mean by CSOs?

In this context we are defining civil society organizations (CSOs) as groups (can be organizations, networks, movements) who are not affiliated with any government. So long as they can demonstrate impact (add in definitions from above), we welcome your interest!  

What do we mean by young feminist activists?

Young feminist activists are being defined as individuals who are 18-30 years of age and are actively working in their communities to advance gender equality in and through education. They do not represent any registered organization. 

What do we mean by feminist?

We recognize that each person has a different feminist journey. In the context of this process we are defining a ‘feminist’ as a person or organization that believes in and works for gender equality, girls’ and women’s empowerment and the dismantling of harmful gender norms. We welcome feminists who use an intersectional lens and understanding of privilege and vulnerability vis-à-vis disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and race/ ethnic/ linguistic status.

What do we mean by intergenerational?

This Feminist Education Coalition will be intergenerational. This means that there will be members from across generations working together. We believe in the power of intergenerational co-leadership, co-creation and knowledge sharing. We can all learn from each other and no matter what age we are, our work and contributions are of equal importance and value. 

Ready to apply?


Download the Application Form using the links below. Please fill it out and send it back to

Download this application pack for more details on eligibility criteria, important dates and timeline, and other important information.