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UNGEI Learning Series

Welcome to the UNGEI learning series resource hub

The UNGEI learning series aims to build evidence, promote good practice and facilitate intergenerational knowledge sharing on key issues in gender equality and education.  Information and resources from upcoming and past webinars, dialogues and panel discussions will be made available through this platform. Explore opportunities to connect through virtual learning below. 

UNGEI learning series

The UNGEI learning series is a strategic and collaborative approach to evidence-sharing and knowledge building in gender and education. Through webinars, intergenerational dialogues, blogs, case studies, workshops and videos the learning series aims to communicate the evidence and build stakeholder knowledge to improve programming and inform policy for more gender-equal education systems. 

Upcoming learning events

“Schools are incredible vehicles, tools and sites to create feminists and create activists”

Yona Nestel, Plan International 

Archive: Explore past events in the UNGEI learning series

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