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Peace is Feminist Statement

  • 02 Nov 2023
  • 2 min

We are appalled by the compounding and escalating conflicts raging around the world. As we stand in solidarity with those impacted by terror and war, we remember that this devastating violence is rooted in patriarchy which has manifested in colonialism and oppression.

The systems and structures that dominate today were founded on principles of prejudice and injustice. As they were built, we believe they can also be dismantled. By prioritising the values of love, empathy and equality, we can end our divisions. By ensuring that every child experiences a gender-transformative education, we can create a more peaceful, just future.

We imagine a world where all of us, especially children, learn gender equality. We imagine a world where we all learn to reject prejudice and celebrate diversity. We imagine a world where we all learn to champion peace.

We imagine a world led by feminists.