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I hope you listen

Scofield LearnHub Africa
  • 09 Mar 2020
  • 3 min

A poem by Scofield, LearnHub Africa, Nigeria

I wish she could show you her pain as she softly waits for her turn to get water, staring at her future as it slowly walks to class in bright color while she must be relegated to the kitchen and the other room.

Her life gradually fading as the community sees her as a tool to an end while she hopes to be a tool for the end of gender inequality.

Reading in the darkest of the night hoping her light would shine and outshine your myopic-ness to see she was made for more.

A diamond in the dark, everyone sees it but no one seems to care, because she is a SHE not a HE.

Her job is to bear many boys and be discarded when she reaches menopause.

Her future already signed and sealed by people who she knows not.

Her heart yearns for more. Like APPLE she must think different, like Nike she must Just Do It and change the narrative even if she dies doing it like it be said on her grave IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.

She must hold her head high like Serena Williams and fight for her right hoping someone would hear and listen.

She must sing like Beyoncé and hope her melody travels alongside the bird and wake you up to her misery.

Yet she hopes someone like Chimamanda Adichie would write of her tales and many more can stand for the taste of freedom.

That equality is not a privilege, it is every woman’s right.

Now she must sleep and hope you listen.