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Four things we're excited about

at the Feminist Network for Gender Transformative Education 2023!

A “Non-Conferency” Gathering with Impact!

2023 marks the second time UNGEI will bring together extraordinary feminist leaders to advance gender transformative education around the world. From November 2-3, Istanbul will see 120 powerful activists, experts, and changemakers from civil society organizations, government representatives, donors and multilaterals discussing, debating and accelerating gender equality in and through education— without speeches, presentations or speaker panels!

In 2022 UNGEI convened impactful feminist civil society organizations and young feminist activists as part of the Transforming Education Summit (TES) in New York. When the idea of this coalition came about, it did not have a name but it did have a mission and that was to create a space that not only honored the work of national and local CSOs and young feminist activists, but a space that elevated and learned from their expertise and evidence as well. 

Rooted in and advancing these principles and framework, the Feminist Network for Gender Transformative Education (FemNet4GTE) will bring lived experience and on-the-ground expertise from over 50 countries onto a level playing field for equitable and inclusive exchanges. Session formats include open discussions, guided collaborative strategising, workshops and solidarity circles. Critically deconstructing and redefining traditional global networking frameworks, FemNet4GTE embodies our long term ambition towards GTE— prioritising the lived experiences of the impact of gender inequality in education.   

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Developing the first ever Glossary on Gender Transformative Education 

What exactly does GTE mean, in a world where “transformation” has become a universal buzzword? Is girls’ education just about getting girls into school? Where does and where should gender equality fit?

Sometimes these ambiguities create space for patriarchal pushback. Developing a Glossary on Gender Transformative Education for global and intersectional gender equality in and through education, is an exciting step towards countering the countermovements!


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An incredible amount of healing and fun!

Group graffitiing, musical performances and dance sessions are just some of the outpouring and uplifting ideas that the FemNet4GTE Planning Group intentionally penciled onto the agenda. 

The work we do can be taxing on the mind, body and heart. FemNet4GTE believes in radical healing and radical play, as much as we do radical work. We are looking forward to holding safe and uplifting spaces for ourselves and each other, and leaning on our brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles from across the globe— in solidarity and dancing!


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Baklava and Building a Roadmap towards GTE

FemNet4GTE will undertake salient and critical themes impacting intergenerational and intersectional GTE at global, regional and local levels— right down to schools and communities. This is a layered process that we will undertake together. It reminds us of baklava— a layered Turkish filo pastry, filled with chopped nuts, and sweetened with honey— that must be served over tea, and it is from this we will look to take our inspiration! 

During our sweetened gatherings and co-conspirings we will; define GTE collectively; explore decolonising data; and invariably link politically fraught contexts, women’s movements, responsible masculinities, and queer identities to education systems that expand and transform the potential and opportunities for boys and girls. 

Over 120 feminists will be together throughout the event— pouring the tea and breaking the silos within which our sectors often work. The outcome we seek is a collective understanding, approach and a tangible roadmap towards GTE. 

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