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The Transform Education Newsletter

March 2021

30 Mar 2021

This month we celebrated International Women’s Day and we celebrate Women’s History Month. We honour all of those women and marginalized genders before us, and those who are making history in the present.

Hey Education Transformers!

This month we celebrated International Women’s Day and we celebrate Women’s History Month. We honour all of those women and marginalized genders before us, and those who are making history in the present. Thank you for the work you do to ensure that we achieve gender equality in and through education.

Introducing the Education Transformers

Education Transformers card

Whether it’s shapeshifting or super strength - every feminist activist has a superpower!

To mark Women’s History Month we are introducing the young women and girl Education Transformers and the superpowers that they use on the daily to create a gender-equal reality through education! These Transformers are members of the guiding group and work to set up the foundations for a powerful coalition so we can all #TransformEducation

This video is created by a young creative @raywhatever & uses @chmba music. Watch it here!




3, 2, 1….Working Collectives Lift Off!

Are you ready to take #TransformEducation to new heights?

Calling all young feminist led networks and activists! Join our mission to organize in the following areas:

  • School-related gender-based violence hosted by Chalk Back and Las Ninas Lideran
  • Education for Gender Equality and Climate Justice hosted by Empodera Clima and Rise Up Movement

The deadline has been extended! Apply by April 9th & spread the word!

In Solidarity

This month, we also witnessed continued violence in this world, rooted in Gender Based Violence and racism. Let us continue to fight and to come together in solidarity to break down these systems of oppression and violence, and care for one another while doing so.

#TransformEducation stands in solidarity with all girls, women and marginalized genders who experience gender based violence.

Education is key to #EndGBV

Accounts: @nouriflayhan @catcallsofldn @cutecatcalls @jamie_windust

Chalk Back IG
Around the world, @ChalkBack members witness how individuals are harassed in the streets and in schools, not only because of their gender but also their perceived race or ethnicity. We need to continue to show an intersectional view and center those who are most marginalized in these conversations, especially through education. Our curriculum in schools must include anti racism education and be truly feminist.

We are collecting stories of racism and gender-based harassment in schools. DM us your stories on Instagram, your country/city and Chalk Back members will chalk them in the streets.

TE Zine promo

A gift for your resilience

To celebrate you and your work, we give you the very first Transform Education zine: SolidariTEa.

Young creatives came to together to envision a gender just world, where feminist leadership is rooted in education. Where CSE is a part of the curriculum, all genders are safe in and around school and where gender norms are non existent. It is a gift of hope for young feminist leaders by young feminist leaders. May we continue to work together towards this gender justice world. Read it here!

Plan wants to hear from you

Plan International – a leading children’s and youth’s rights charity – wants to hear your thoughts on how the COVID pandemic has affected your education.

Your responses will help inform research that Plan International is conducting to better understand the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on children and young people’s education in some of the 77 countries that it works.

The results of the surveys will be used to as a basis for Plan International’s engagement with, and advocacy towards, governments and donors on girls’ education.

It will be shared at key international moments in 2021. These include the G7, the Global Partnership for Education Replenishment Conference, and the COP 26 Summit on climate change.

Share your thoughts via one of the links below:


Adolescents | Teachers | Parents


Adolescents | Teachers | Parents


Adolescents | Teachers | Parents

Self care IG
Sending a selfcare reminder to you all courtesy of @laurajaneillustrations.

Reach out to us anytime at

In solidarity,

Nnenna & Ipsita, Transform Education Guiding Group

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