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Transform Education Newsletter

January 2022

31 Jan 2022


Happy New Year and International of Day Education Transformers and Allies,

We’re super happy to move into this new year with you. We’re hoping that this year brings clarity, joy and breakthroughs for you and your work. As we continue to work together and show up for each other, it’s important to constantly think about ways to improve and engage meaningfully. How can we ensure that the communities we are a part are always in the room to help make the decisions for the solutions we are crafting? How do we ensure we are taking the time to listen instead of talking all the time? How do we support and meet each other where they are at, centering love and care in our interventions?

These are questions we are asking ourselves as we plan ahead. There is always room to recalibrate, reflect and revamp our approaches and we support you in doing the same as we continue to learn from each other.

Surviving the Year

As we strive to find ways to navigate the pandemic, we know that many of you are working on the frontlines to bring ease to your affected communities and we stand with you and are here to support your work and all the ways you are able to show up.

We know that activism and advocacy aren’t hats you can take off when the sun sets but forms a part of your lifestyle. We know that many of you are advocating for your own survival.

We asked some folks over on Instagram how they are planning to take care of themselves this year and we thought it’ll be good to share with you, maybe something will resonate with you. Take what you need and pass it on.

  • “Take breaks even when I’m not tired.”
  • “Be okay with saying no.”
  • “Prioritising loving relationships and ensuring that all the labour I engage in is fulfilling.”
  • “Trying to do one intentional self care piece a day, big or small!”

What have we been up to? What to expect?

Yesterday we commemorated Education Day alongside the SDG 4 Youth Network, UNESCO, UNGEI, the UN’s Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth and young activists from around the world in a powerful solidarity circle. This circle allowed for attendees to share their aspirations, propose solutions and ideas for transforming education. 

Yona Nestel of Plan International and Education Transformer, Olanike Timpia-Uge of Teenage Network and discussed their work toward #transformingeducation with Together For Girls. Read here.


Join us for the launch of our latest project: Transforming Education in Crisis 

At Transform Education, we are committed to working with communities across the world to devise solutions to ensure that education is inclusive and accessible. Funded and supported by the Secondary Education Working group, we created a project that centres the work and experiences of a working collective composed of informal and formal feminist youth-led groups who are actively working to transform education for young girls in crisis. 

This project aims to raise awareness on the needs and priorities of adolescents, as identified by adolescents themselves with a particular focus on secondary education. The project Transforming Education in Crisis- Beyond Barriers sought to explore and learn of the experiences of adolescent girls in crisis and to devise solutions to combat the issues arising from budget cuts and to increase access to education that is gender transformative.

We will be hosting an intimate sharing circle tomorrow, January 26th, 2022 at 9AM EST. It will be an avenue to gather in solidarity the youth, adolescents and stakeholders to listen in, reflect and provide safe and open spaces. 

Be sure to visit our webpage to join in. Access the social media toolkit, digital assets and resources all in one place. Tap here.

Interested? Register to join us here


Funding Opportunities

Malala Fund Girl Programme I Deadline: January 28, 2022

Malala Fund champions every girl’s right to 12 years of free, safe, quality education.  Their grants support feminist and women-led movements, groups and organisations addressing the barriers preventing girls and young women from completing their education. Grants range between $75,000-$100,000 USD and can be used for general operating support or projects over a 12-month to three-year period. 

African Union (AU)-UNICEF Youth Innovation Challenge 2022 on the Impact of Harmful Practices on the Mental Health of Children and Young People I Deadline: January 31st, 2022

The African Union- UNICEF are looking for innovative ideas to offer support to survivors of harmful practices such as children marriage and FGM. 

Mama Cash grant making window to open soon!

Mama Cash supports ambitious feminist and women’s, girl’s, and trans people's and intersex people’s rights organisations and initiatives led by and for women, girls, and trans people and intersex people from anywhere in the world. We advise groups wishing to apply to closely consider the Mama Cash selection criteria and priority.

Help Us Plan for 2022

Collectively, we make up the soul of TE. We are in the process of planning and creating a transformative and impact year and we want to hear from you!

Help us in the process by completing this form!

Our “Look Into The Future” form, provides a platform for your feedback, your thoughts and comments on your 2021 journey with us and what you’d like to see us do more of/less of/ or new in 2022. 

We’re in this together for the long haul!

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Looking forward to 2022

Wishing you rest & care now and beyond!

In solidarity,
Jona and Ashlee, Coordinators of Transform Education

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