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The Transform Education Newsletter

April 2021

30 Apr 2021


Hey hey hey Education Transformers, 

How are your souls feeling right now? We aren’t going to lie, this month (and the past year) has been tough on us as feminists, activists, and ultimately, humans. Yet, the events of this past year have only heightened the fact that gender inequalities are still happening, schools are still closed, and gender based violence still exists. If truth be told, we have more work than ever to deconstruct patriarchal norms and to ensure our education systems progress in terms of gender equality. 

So what do we inherently want to do during these trying times? We may want to continue to work, to work harder than before. But through this exertion, we find ourselves exhausted. We find our mental health impacted. We find it hard to do everything. 

In times of extremity, sometimes the most powerful act we can do is to take a moment to breathe. 

Radical inhale. Empowering exhale.


Artwork by Sonaksha
Artwork: Sonaksha

To honour this, this newsletter is dedicated to the art of us breathing. To young feminists activists being intentional in regards to our self and collective care. May we honour our bodies, and our minds, to take breaks when needed, to share in self-compassion, to ask for help, to check in with ourselves and our communities, to unlearn and to relearn. This is our right and we are beyond deserving of the kindness we give so naturally to those around us. 

So here’s to us caring for ourselves, caring for others, and bringing that care into doing the work, when we have the bandwidth to do so. As we strive forward towards gender equality through whatever we may be facing personally, know you are more than enough. We’re here for you. 

P.S. For some self-compassion, check out this break by Kristin Neff.



We can’t talk about Climate Justice without talking about education and gender equality

Just like we got to care about ourselves, we got to care for our Mama Earth. This month we marked Earth Day, and we rounded up some feminist content on climate justice we are consuming! Check it out here.


Reading List 

Care can be reading. To mark World Book Day, we did a round up of our top feminist books. 
Here are our some of our fave feminist books. 


Meet Yande, the Co-Chair of Transform Education! 

Transform Education member, Selin of We Ground Zero, interviewed Yande, the co-chair of TE! Check it out for some inspo. Watch back here.


Defying gravity & stereotypes

For Girls in ICT Day, Education Transformers Maryam and Nivaal sat down with NASA Engineer, Farah Alibay! Farah has defied gender norms, and sent a rover to Mars! She’s a role model to all of us! Watch it back here.



Recipe for Feminist Cake: It’s all about Self & Collective care! 

Recipe by activists from TE & UNGEI members, drawing by Ipsita

Recipe for self care by Ipsita



Working Collectives Update 

Last month we did a call out for activists and networks transforming education to End SRGBV and for climate justice and gender equality. Thank you for all who expressed interest! We are going through applications and will get back to you. Missed out, but want to join? Email us:



Join our mission! 

Want to join our overall collective to transform education for gender equality while centering care? Email: 

With solidarity & care,


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