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International Youth Day 2018

Safe spaces to end SRGBV

12 Aug 2018

Hosted by the UNDESA Division For Inclusive Social Development, International Youth Day happens each year on August 12th. This year’s theme is Safe Spaces for Youth. They asked: How can youth be engaged in addressing gender-based violence (GBV) in and around schools? We responded: Young people are already doing so much to end school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV)… but are they being heard?

Safe spaces for youth, including safe schools, are essential for young people to thrive and fulfil their potential. This is a key moment for global agencies and organisations to meaningfully include youth in the discussion on how to address SRGBV and to learn from the work that youth are doing globally. Now is the time for young people to help take on this issue.

For all these reasons, we will be providing a platform for young people to have an open dialogue on SRGBV and participate in peer-to-peer and youth-to-organisation learning. We reached out to youth advocates across the world, and the resounding message was “Gender-based violence? #NotMySchool”

Not My School: content for youth, by youth

In the week running up to Youth Day on Sunday 12th August, each day a youth activist will be streaming a video hosted by UNGEI Facebook Live. The #NotMySchool video series will feature 8-10 youth activists making waves to address GBV in and around schools.

Through the #NotMySchool campaign, youth will have the agency to express themselves and share approaches with fellow youth on how to tackle GBV. Activists will discuss actions that are working for young people, how to overcome a lack of resources or support for addressing GBV through creative grass root approaches, share tools, and explain how youth can be recognised and not tokenised in this global conversation. The videos will be supplemented by blog posts published on the UNGEI Medium platform.

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Join the movement

This is a campaign by youth, for youth. Can you help us to reach as many young people as possible by sharing the videos and blogs produced across your platforms and networks? This could include schools, youth-led organisations, and youth networks.

Look out for questions on UNGEI Twitter and Instagram. Retweet or comment your answer, and we will repost throughout the week!

Got something to say about addressing SRGBV in schools? Watched a youth advocate video and want to share your response? Blog for us!

Hold organisations to account! Organisations and groups working to address SRGBV can learn so much from the lived experience and bold actions of young people. Tweet them with a call to action or commitment, using #NotMySchool #YouthLeads

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