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Ending school-related gender-based violence

New publication

19 Dec 2019

Today we launch a new publication featuring evidence-based approaches to preventing and responding to gender-based violence in schools. We urge all educationists to download a copy and join the global community working to end SRGBV.

Today UNGEI, UNESCO and UNICEF launch a new publication - Ending School-Related Gender-Based Violence: a series of thematic briefs - produced through the Global Working Group to End SRGBV as part of the Safe To Learn Campaign. The publication represents the culmination of a global effort to identify effective evidence-based approaches for preventing and responding to gender-based violence in and around schools.

International commitments

At the end of a year in which the world marked the thirtieth anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), the release of this publication is more timely than ever. While progress has been made, millions of children are still denied their right to education and protection due to the global epidemic of violence in schools.

Rooted in gender norms and unequal power relations, SRGBV has devastating consequences for the lives of millions of learners and educators. It is a human rights violation that cuts across all national boundaries. Furthermore, it is a manifestation of just how far the world is from delivering on its commitments to quality education and gender equality as laid out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

What works to end SRGBV – a series of thematic briefs

Responding to widespread demand for practical tools and guidance, Ending SRGBV provides invaluable evidence and examples of best practice for educationists working to eradicate all forms of violence. The six briefs contained within the publication synthesize key learnings from two regional workshops which brought together policy makers, practitioners and academics from across the world to exchange experiences and findings on what works to prevent SRGBV.

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Organised around key thematic areas in this field of work, the briefs include:

  1. Applying a whole school approach to preventing SRGBV 
  2. Engaging teachers to create safe and gender-responsive learning environments 
  3. Shifting harmful gender norms through curricular approaches 
  4. Establishing safe and confidential reporting mechanisms 
  5. Investing in data and evidence to inform the response to SRGBV 
  6. Integrating SRGBV in national policies and education sector plans

The challenges and recommendations highlighted through the briefs provide vital information relevant to tackling all forms of school violence. We urge all educationists to download the publication and join the global community working to end SRGBV.

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