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Transform education: Creative collective

Interrnational Youth Day festival

Wed, 12 Aug, 2020 - Wed, 12 Aug, 2020
13:00-14:30 EDT
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UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI)

On International Youth Day 2019, UNGEI joined partners to launch a youth-powered mission: Transform Education. One year on, this initiative has grown into a global community of over 300 youth-led networks with a shared vision of gender equality in and through education, working to transform education in their communities.

COVID-19 has compelled activists to adapt the way in which they organize and advocate in their communities to meet the needs of the current context. This new normal requires creativity, flexibility and a shift in focus. As youth activists continue to mobilize through the Black Lives Matter movement, actively working to be anti-racist, they prove that they are resilient, innovative and powerful.

To explore this new normal, an inspiring line-up of education activists, artists, poets and musicians joined forces to share the work they are doing, advocate for the world to come together to build back equal, and transform the way young people participate in the global community. The Transform Education: Creative collective Youth Day festival provided a virtual creative space to share, learn and celebrate the resilience, perseverance and strength of young activists working for gender equality in and through education. 


Khuthadzo, Natasha and Yande


Activists & artists

Alex, Ashlee, Baimba, Cici, Chmba, Dany, Griesy, Ipsita, Jona, Juliana, Karimot, Kelsie, Kerigo, Mojisola, Muskan, Nada, Nati, Olanike, Omnah, Renata, Sania, Saymore, Seep, Sequoia, Shania, Sherente, Sophie and Zeina


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