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Youth Advocacy Group | Global Education First Initiative

Launched in September 2012, the Youth Advocacy Group (YAG) consists of 18 young people from around the world who strengthen momentum and increase support for the Global Education First Initiative (GEFI). The YAG supports GEFI’s goals of putting every child in school, improving the quality of learning, and fostering global citizenship. The YAG facilitates consultations with youth globally, promotes the voices of young people, provides advice on the education priorities of young people, and mobilizes young people and governments in support of education.

Increasing investments and attention towards girls’ education has been one of YAG’s top priorities and they have been working with multiple partners to push this agenda to the forefront in global processes such as the post-2015 consultations. The YAG has also worked towards mobilizing action through the publication and dissemination of a Youth Resolution ‘The Education We Want’; a training toolkit on education designed for and by young people; and by being an active partner with global education campaigns such as #investingirls, Because I am a Girl Campaign, and #upforschool.

For more information on the Youth Advocacy Group, visit http://www.globaleducationfirst.org/youthadvocacygroup.html



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