Vision & Mission

The United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) is committed to accelerating action on girls’ education to realize “A world where all girls and boys are empowered through quality education to realize their full potential and contribute to transforming societies where gender equality becomes a reality.” By 2030, the UNGEI partnership aims to support:

- Countries to achieve measurable change in girls’ education and gender equality; and

- Global and national development agendas to reflect emerging concerns on girls’ education and gender equality, especially for the most marginalized.

UNGEI is committed to responding to the urgency of action needed to tackle issues for today’s generation of girls. It believes in strengthening linkages and complementarity with other partners, networks and coalitions to maximize resources and results for girls’ education and gender equality.

UNGEI's Policy Advocacy Agenda

In order to maximize efforts which are the most needed and which will have the highest impact on girls’ education around the world, UNGEI is focusing policy advocacy efforts on four key strategic priorities: 

- An enhanced focus on marginalized and excluded groups;

- The reduction/elimination of school-related gender-based violence; 

- Improved learning outcomes for girls; and

- An increased number of girls transitioning to secondary education and accessing post-primary opportunities.



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