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What Works in Education in Developing Countries (Working Paper) http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3408.html Regional Shared Learning Workshop on Violence Against Girls in School http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3405.html UNGEI Policy Advocacy Agenda: All Girls Achieving and Learning http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3377.html Girl Rising: A Companion Curriculum http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3368.html East Asia and Pacific Regional UNGEI Notebook http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3338.html Thematic Study on Education and Gender Equality http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3337.html CARE Gender Toolkit http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3302.html Call to Action | Gender Equality in Education: Shaping the Global Policy Dialogue http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3293.html Program Report (Nepal) on Equity in Education: Advocacy through Girls' Education Network, Young People and Political Leaders http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3290.html South Asia Regional UNGEI Newsletter (Volume 4), August 2013 http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3280.html Education Position Paper: Improving Learning, Expanding Opportunities http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3262.html Impact of Climate Change on Marginalized Women: An Exploratory Study across 6 Districts in Assam http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3261.html Education for Girls: Alternative Pathways to Girls' Empowerment http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3256.html A New Global Partnership: Eradicate Poverty and Transform Economies through Sustainable Development http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3255.html Breaking the Silence on Violence against Indigenous Girls, Adolescents and Young Women http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3254.html Accelerating Transition of Girls to Secondary Education: A Call for Action http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3253.html Video: UNGEI and Girls' Education (2013) http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3242.html The Millennium Development Goals Report 2013 http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3240.html Sustainable Development Starts and Ends with Safe, Healthy and Well-Educated Children http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3237.html The State of the World's Children 2013: Children with Disabilities http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3210.html EFA GMR 2012 | Youth and Skills: Putting Education to Work (Gender Overview) http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3207.html A Girl's Right to Learn without Fear: Working to End Gender-based Violence at School http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_3152.html http://www.ungei.org http://www.ungei.org http://www.ungei.org http://www.ungei.org