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Risks: ICTS, the Internet and Violence against Children http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5883.html Inclusion in Vietnam: An Intersectionality Perspective on Girls with Disabilities and Education http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5869.html Impact of Conditional Cash Transfers on Girls' Education http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5868.html Policy Paper 14: Progress in Getting All Children to School Stalls but Some Countries Show the Way Forward http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5867.html Education Rigorous Literature Review: Girls' Education and Gender Equality http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5866.html (Joint Statement) International Day of the Girl Child 2014: This is the Moment to Take Action for Adolescent Girls in the Post-2015 Agenda http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5861.html Infographic: School-related Gender-based Violence in Asia-Pacific http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5860.html Hidden in Plain Sight: A Statistical Analysis of Violence against Children http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5853.html National Strategy for Girls' Education (NSGE) in Uganda http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5848.html Violence against Children in East Asia and the Pacific: A Regional Review and Synthesis of Findings http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5844.html Addressing the Intergenerational Transmission of Gender-Based Violence: Focus on Educational Settings http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5840.html Sustainable Development: Post-2015 Begins with Education http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5838.html Hear Our Voices http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5837.html Research on Discriminatory Social Norms in Relation to Violence against Women and Girls from the Perspective of Girls, Boys, Women and Men in Bangladesh, Egypt and Pakistan http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5835.html UNGEI Annual Report 2013 http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5834.html Girls' Education Challenge Project Profiles http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5832.html UNGEI Global Advisory Committee Meeting 2014 Communique http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5829.html Protecting Education Personnel from Targeted Attack in Conflict-Affected Countries http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5803.html Unpacking Reasons for Girls' School Drop-out in West Nile, Uganda http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5802.html Effective Responses for Gender Based Violence: Gender Based Violence in Schools http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5799.html Addressing School Related Gender Based Violence: Learning from Practice http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5798.html Passing the Test: The Real Cost of Being a Student http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5797.html Call to Action | Moving Beyond Access: Accelerating Progress for Girls' Education http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5796.html UNGEI Policy Pledge at the Global Partnership for Education Second Replenishment Conference http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5795.html Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children: West and Central Africa Regional Report http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5779.html Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children: Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Report http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5778.html Addressing Violence against Women and Girls in Education Programming: DFID Guidance Note http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5775.html EFA Policy Paper 13: Aid Reductions Threaten Education Goals http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5773.html Education Under Attack, 2014 http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5770.html Girls, Disabilities and School Education in the East Asia Pacific Region http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5767.html Voice and Agency: Empowering Women and Girls for Shared Prosperity http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5764.html Global Citizenship Education: Preparing Learners for the Challenges of the 21st Century http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5758.html Discussion Brief | Cash Transfer Programs for Gender Equality in Girls' Secondary Education http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5739.html Discussion Brief | Accelerating Secondary Education for Girls: Focusing on Access and Retention http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5738.html Scaling Up EU Impact on Education Post-2015 http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5717.html The Education We Want: An Advocacy Toolkit http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5712.html A Global Review of Current Issues and Approaches in Policy, Programming and Implementation Responses to School-Related Gender-Based Violence (SRGBV) for the Education Sector http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5709.html Infographic: The Cost of the Learning Crisis http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5676.html Infographic: Many Countries Will Not Reach the Education for All Goals by 2015 http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5675.html Teaching and Learning: Achieving Quality for All (EFA/GMR 2013/14 Gender Summary) http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5670.html Infographic: Invest in Girls' Education http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5669.html School-related Gender-based Violence in the Asia-Pacific Region http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5664.html Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children: South Asia Regional Study http://www.ungei.org/resources/index_5657.html