Getting the Evidence: Asia Child Marriage Initiative

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Publisher/Author: Plan International, Coram International

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Getting the Evidence: Asia Child Marriage Initiative is a research on child marriage conducted in 2014-2015 in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia by Plan International in Asia.

The number of years a girl spends in education is associated with her age of first marriage - girls who stay in school longer tend to marry later. Male sexual violence and control of female sexuality underlie the practice of child marriage, whilst improved access to sexual and reproductive health rights reduce the child marriage acceptability.

This report by Plan International in Asia on child marriage in 3 countries Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Pakistan - explores social attitudes, values and norms concerning child marriage, and identifies the structural and environmental factors that may influence such values and norms.  It also introduces an index for measuring environmental factors associated with the acceptability of child marriage, which will be used to globally track progress and improve the effectiveness of child marriage programming of Plan International. 
The report provides detailed programmatic recommendations to be carried out at individual, family, community and institutional levels in order to: (1) address poverty and lack of opportunity, (2) improve access to educations, (3) promote community safety, (4) address impunity for violence against women and girls, (5) increase access to sexual reproductive rights and services, and finally, (6) strengthen laws and institutional frameworks to respond to child marriage. Finally the report offers suggestion for improved approaches to sensitization and messaging conducted by advocates campaigning against child marriage.



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