Eliminating gender bias in textbooks: Pushing for policy reforms that promote gender equity in education

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Author/Publisher: EFA GMR, Rae Lesser Blumberg, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Sociology, University of Virginia

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Gender bias in textbooks remains an almost invisible obstacle to females’ equality in education and beyond. Indeed, it is a classic example of the “hidden curriculum” (Stromquist et al. 1998) that may (further) constrain girls from realizing their full potential. And when girls can’t reach their full potential, neither can their families, communities and nations. This report builds on an Education for All (EFA) Official Background Paper on gender bias in textbooks undertaken halfway through the EFA period (Blumberg 2007; it was summarized in the 2008 EFA Global Monitoring Report and in Blumberg 2008). That research – as well as the current study – found a remarkably similar pattern of gender bias in textbooks virtually worldwide.


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