The Good School Toolkit for reducing physical violence from school staff to primary school students: a cluster-randomised controlled trial in Uganda

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Author/Publisher: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (K M Devries PhD, L Knight MSc, J C Child MSc, R Jones MSc, J Sturgess MSc, E Allen PhD, N Kyegombe PhD, Prof D Elbourne PhD, Prof C Watts PhD,); Raising Voices, (A Mirembe BA, J Nakuti MA, D Naker BSc); Institute of Education, University College (J Parkes PhD); Makerere University, (E Walakira PhD)

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Violence against children from school staff is widespread in various settings, but few interventions address this. This study tested whether the Good School Toolkit—a complex behavioural intervention designed by Ugandan not-for-profit organisation Raising Voices—could reduce physical violence from school staff to Ugandan primary school children.


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