Fostering Opportunities to Learn at an Accelerated Pace: Why do girls benefit enormously? (2004)

Working Paper

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Publication Date: 2005
Author/Publisher: UNICEF
Language: English

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This paper reviews several key education initiatives implemented in the last decade to reach out to the out-of-school children and young women in particularly difficult circumstances through condensed or short-term residential education programmes also known as accelerated learning (AL) programmes. AL programs have provided a much-needed opportunity to learn in a congenial environment characterised by child-centred learning and a multi-dimensional teacher-pupil relationship. Discussions with young women and girls who participated in condensed programmes across the country is revealing in one voice they all said that the experience was valuable and it wastheir only window into the world of education. However, at the same time programmes are often unable to sustain their achievements through forging of effective multiple linkages with the formal education system to ensure continuous learning. The paper asserts that since the demand for such interventions isincreasing, the limitations as well as the potential of AL as a strategy needs to be critically engaged within our quest for achieving universal elementary education.


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