A Scorecard on Gender Equality and Girls' Education in Asia 1990-2000 (2004)

Advocacy Brief

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Publication Date: 2004
Author/Publisher: UNESCO Bangkok
Language: English
ISBN: 9-29223-041-7

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Existing measures for access to and efficiency in the school system are very limited as measures of gender equality, even though there have been marked improvements in sex-disaggregated data. These access and retention measures cannot, in their raw form, point to a wider understanding of gender equality in schooling nor, as a result, in education more generally. Thus, the idea for developing a scorecard that weighs enrolment, participation and survival into adulthood originated from concern over the need to find a publicly accountable measure that could distil some general components of human flourishing linked to education and schooling. This briefing reports on results derived from applying to Asian countries a methodology used by the Beyond Access project for measuring gender equality in schooling and education.


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