The Smartest Investment: A Framework for Business Engagement in Education

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Author/Publisher: UNICEF, UNESCO, the UN Special Envoy for Global Education, and the UN Global Compact
Download: English

This Framework makes the case that education is not only good for society but also good for business. It provides practical advice on how business can be an effective partner in improving education systems and learning worldwide while delivering business objectives.

Using concrete examples, the Framework sets out a three-part process for engagement: helping businesses to make the case internally about why they should engage in education; selecting appropriate activities; and acting in a responsible manner. It also identifies five drivers that support education while benefitting business:

- Fostering innovation in education
- Addressing operational risks
- Improving brand leadership and enhancing corporate reputation
- Boosting employee morale and retention
- Developing capacity of future employees

The Framework supports the Secretary-Generalís Global Education First Initiative, which aims to put every child in school, improve the quality of learning, and foster global citizenship.


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