Education Aid Watch 2013

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Author/Publisher: Global Campaign for Education
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Education Aid Watch 2013 is a major report by GCE, based on new analysis of aid figures and aid trends. A collaborative project created by GCE national coalitions in donor countries and GCE's international secretariat, the report is analyses donor progress on aid to education, with a particular focus on basic education.

The report finds that overall reductions in aid to education are taking place, in part mirroring overall aid trends in the fall-out of the global financial crisis. But the sharp downturn in support to basic education demonstrates a trend among donors to shift their spending away from basic education in the poorest countries, with some donors completely pulling out of certain countries.

GCE's Education Aid Watch 2013 looks at the efforts of 11 donor countries in which the GCE has an active coalition – Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK and the USA. It contains a detailed national profile for each of these 11 countries, which has original research from the coalition of the latest aid patterns. These outline the general trends and government priorities in aid to education, as well as giving specific recommendations for that country’s aid programme.

The report concludes that the world needs an urgent action plan to secure a renewed focus on filling the US $38 billion financing gap for basic and lower secondary education - recently identified by the UNESCOs GMR team. It concludes with clear recommendations for how to address this.


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