Evaluation of the Balochistan Rural Girls' Fellowship Program - Will rural families pay to send girls to school?

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Publication Date: 1999
Author/Publisher: World Bank
Language: English

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Female literacy is very low in Pakistan, especially in rural areas. Only fifteen percent of adult women in Balochistan, the largest but least populated province of Pakistan, have even attended school. The Community Support Program (CSP), which created community girls' schools, and trained educated local women to serve as teachers, has been shown to have succeeded in increasing enrollment of girls. The CSP program also modestly increased enrollment of boys. This paper evaluates the success of a program which attempts to subsidize the creation of private girls' schools in rural villages, where there are no educated adult women who could serve as teachers. The Rural Girls' Fellowship Program did succeed in increasing the proportion of girls in school. However, the program did not increase enrollment of boys, and may have even led to a reduction of boys' schooling in some villages.


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