Girls’ right to education

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What is in the Resource Tool Kit
This Resource Tool Kit has been developed for UNICEF Education Officers in South Asia, and presents a synthesis of key issues related to disparities in education in the region and potential strategies to overcome or reduce these disparities. The document also includes references for further readings. The Tool Kit is a contribution to UNICEF’s renewed focus on reaching the most disadvantaged children by taking stock of what we already know in education in South Asia from a number of publications produced by UNICEF ROSA, research groups and other organisations over the last few years.

The brief but composite account of dynamics which challenge the fulfilment of the right to education for all children and examples of interventions to help alleviate it provides a basis for reflection on equity in UNICEF’s current work in education. The synthesis also includes the voices of children, parents, teachers and education workers through direct quotes collected through qualitative research.

The Tool Kit is also meant for people working in education in other UN agencies, government and NGO partners. It has six chapters, each of which has a list of resources for further reading at the end of the chapter. The resources included in this Tool Kit are not exhaustive and UNICEF ROSA welcomes submissions of additional resources for future consolidation.


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