Overcoming Barriers To Girls’ Education In South Asia - Deepening the Analysis

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©UNICEF/NYHQ2006-1902/Tom Pietrasik
Publication Date: 2009
Author/Publisher: Roshan Chitrakar, UNGEI
Language: English
ISBN: 978-9937-2-1451-3

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Advances in girls’ education enable them to participate in and contribute to their societies and economies more broadly. Quality education also helps change their lives for the better. But a pervasive cycle of disparities faces girls in South Asia and threatens this realization.

Several studies have looked at the aspects influencing progress in girls’ education, including the series of UNGEI Issues Papers published by UNICEF ROSA. The present study takes us a step further, by a deeper analysis of the ways in which the countries of the South Asia region are working towards enabling girls to overcome barriers.


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