Young Champions for Education: South Asia UNGEI Regional Training

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©Katarina Premfors/UNICEF AFG/2004
Publication Date: 2008
Author/Publisher: The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF): Regional Office for South Asia (ROSA)
Language: English

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Sabita Bhujel welcomed the Young Champions to Nepal to discuss priorities for promoting girls' education in South Asia. Ava Deo Awasthi recalled that South Asia, now poverty stricken and disadvantaged, was once a source of wisdom for the rest of the world. "We have to turn the clock around", he said. The Ministry of Education in Nepal was taking an interest in how the youth could be at the centre of Education for All as well as the Millennium Development Goals. Daniel Toole expressed the United Nations Children's Fund's (UNICEF) pride in being part of the UN Girls Education Initiative (UNGEI) partnership, and said he was even more proud to be here with the Young Champions.

Raka Rashid spoke about the purpose of the workshop: to consolidate the work begun in 2007 by the South Asia Regional UNGEI and pave the way for smooth country-level implementation and continuation of the model. She listed three specific outcomes:

  1. a review of last year's activities and sharing of experiences
  2. the preparation of next year's workplan
  3. a draft outline, based on feedback from participants, for a generic training manual to be developed by the South Asia UNGEI, for adaptation and use at country levels.

Sabita Bhujel hoped that this workshop would help Young Champions do their best to promote girls' education. Daniel Toole concluded with the words of the famous Indian Mahatma Gandhi: Be the change you want to see. "This is your challenge", he said, "To be and build that change: a world where all children go to school."


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