Social Inclusion: Gender and Equity in Education SWAPs in South Asia, Nepal Case Study

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©UNICEF/NEP01570/K Pandey
Publication Date: 2007
Author/Publisher: United Nations Children’s Fund Regional Office for South Asia (UNICEF ROSA)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-99946-896-5-1

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This study has aimed to understand whether and how a move towards a sector-wide approach (SWAp) in education in Nepal is making a difference to the addressing of educational inequity and exclusion. It further explores how current approaches could be adapted, strengthened or improved in order to enhance overall effectiveness. The main focus of enquiry was the Education for All (EFA) Programme 2004–09, which is already following a SWAp modality to some extent. However, consideration was also given to the Secondary Education Support Programme (SESP) 2003–09, as it is planned that this large, jointly-funded project for the secondary sub-sector will be merged with EFA into a single SWAp for the schools sector – the School Sector Approach (SSA).


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